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2 times a year, I go ALL IN for 21 days alongside a church in Alabama (I live in FL, so doesn’t matter where you live) called Church of the Highlands. Their pastor, Chris Hodges, is one of the best I’ve found out there in teaching the Word of God in a way that ANYONE […]


August 7, 2022

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

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Summer time… Let’s face it, it’s often when our goals get put on HOLD and our routine gets completely UPROOTED while we try and keep our kids busy, our houses from turning into a disaster area and create as many memories as possible before the school year begins! I love the extra time with our […]

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July 18, 2022

Summer Surrender

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WHAT IF we SURRENDERED 30 DAYS to intentionally growing closer to God by DENYING ourselves the comforts of un-healthy habits and cravings to instead LEAN INTO HIM to fill us. Surrender-30 is my way of doing just that. To cut out things I tend to drift towards in times of stress (un-healthy snacking & nightly […]


May 31, 2020

Surrender-30 Challenge

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By 25 I was $400,000 in debt with a combination of medical debt from having a preemie, 0 interest credit cards that became my lifeline + a house bought at the peak of the real estate BOOM that had depreciated to be about half the value as what I owed on it! ⁣⁣By 30 I […]


February 16, 2020

Changing My Story

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I walked this beach today with my family — the same beach I used to walk many early mornings years ago when I initially lost my 1st home to foreclosure and had to move into a small apartment that a friend agreed to rent to me at a discount… the same beach that I would […]

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February 15, 2020


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“A Bombshell is a woman who exudes her LIGHT unto this world by actively pursues her greatest potential… and seeks to inspire others by walking the walk. A woman who is BEAUTIFUL, no matter her age, color, shape or size, but because she OWNS her life! A BOMBSHELL never lets others determine her destiny, she […]

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February 15, 2020

5 Rules of Coaching

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On this day in 2010 I was on my flight to the very same Annual Leadership Conference that I am on my way to today. It was the moment I pushed my chips ALL IN on my new coaching career by turning down a $2,000 promotional gig for something that was going to cost me […]

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October 16, 2019

Make It Happen!

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FULL. CIRCLE. MOMENT. ⁣⁣In the summer of 2013 I was a year into living in Chicago, IL (where I had moved to after spending my entire life within a 20 mi radius of my hometown of Clearwater, FL) ⁣⁣I had left Florida for a FRESH START. I wanted to be known for my NEW life […]

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October 10, 2019


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I’ve received lots of requests to do a FAV THINGS list when it comes to NEWBORN BABY ESSENTIALS, and seeing as how I’ve had not one, but TWO babies in a 2 year period… I thought, ya know… I do have some hands on experience now to give solid advice! Haha! I talked it out […]


August 25, 2018

My 10 Baby Must-Haves!

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Can we talk about MOM-JUDGEMENT for a sec?! It is BY FAR the thing that gets under my skin the MOST right now! Listen peeps: There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between wanting to offer someone advice out of love based on your own experiences and criticizing someone because the way they choose to do it […]

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January 7, 2017

Stop the Mom Judgement Cycle!

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