my journey as a coach

- I was vulnerable in sharing my past failures.
- I had the accountability of knowing "they" would KNOW if I gave up once again!
- & I had a small community of encouragers who were cheering me on & even joined along with me in the journey!

3 months later, I was a P90X GRAD and in the best shape of my life! Beyond the physical though, I was mentally BETTER! I realized the POWER of VULNERABILITY, PEER ACCOUNTABILITY & a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY & have since made those things a staple in nearly everything I want to be successful in pursuing!

A DECADE later, I am still using at home workouts (albeit, they are a little more my style these days!) & each month I run online virtual fitness communities where women like myself can pull together for accountability, encouragement and a place to BE REAL with one another while they take steps to become their best selves! (Shoot, I am still pursuing MINE!)

I'd love to invite you to jump in alongside us for the next one! Not only do I believe you'd have phenomenal results, I KNOW you'd absolutely adore the connections you'd make & the ways that you'd grow!

Complete the form below & I will send you over all the deets!